Friday, August 27, 2010

Opalis Operator Console: The username or password is not correct

If you are installing the Opalis Operator Console with the powershell- script and using the Active Directory- integrated authentication you will receiving this error when trying to log on:

To fix this you have to edit the following file:

There you will find the following XML- tags, where you have to add the DCs- FQDN (followed by a ":") manually:

   <mbean code="com.opalis.opconsole.jmx.account.AccountServicesActiveDirectory" name="opalis:service=accounts">
   <attribute name="JndiUrl">ldap://mydomaincontroller.mydomain.mytld:389/DC=mydomain,DC=mytld</attribute>
   <attribute name="AdministratorGroup">myopalisadmingroup</attribute>

In my case that's the most easiest fixed install- bug. I'll post the solution for my next error within the next days.

All information is provided "as is" without any warranty! Try in lab before. Handle with care in production.


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