Friday, November 19, 2010

SQL 2008 R2 and UAC

I recently imported the SCC Health Check Report MP from System Center Central (many thanks, Pete!) in a new environment at a customer where I installed the operational database on a new dedicated SQL 2008 R2 and datawarehouse database on a given SQL 2005 cluster (everything - so far - worked fine) but after I configured the Data Source as explained in the guide and tried to test the connection I received an error:

So... all SQL configuration seems to be OK and the DS too but it didn't work. Further, all other reports (at this time just from MS) worked fine,
After a while I figured out that if you are using SQL 2008 R2 you have to disable UAC or at least run IE (and further the console for the reports) with elevated permissions (Run as administrator).
The other reports are querying the datawarehouse database running on SQL 2005 so that these reports worked as expected.

Not a great thing, but tricky at all.

All information is provided "as is" without any warranty! Try in lab before. Handle with care in production.


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