Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What to do if a new MP version has been released

These are my high level steps to compare a new release of an Management Pack with an old version that is in use.
1. Review the release notes! (really RTFM!)
2. Review the MP guide! (may be helpfull!)
3. Run Mp Diff from Authoring Ressource Kit
    - I run it that way: MpDiff.exe <PathToOldMP> <PathToNewMP> /OUT:<PathAndFileNameToHtmlExport> /F:ACR
4. Check modules that have been changed.
    - In some cases you've got to review lots of rows within a module. Yes, this job must not be that funny!
    - Watch out for values that has been overridden in a custom override MP. Search for the Id within your override XML.
    - Watch out for properties that have been changed (Process-/Servicenames, Event Sources, Counters...). Maybe you use the same in a custom extension MP. Search for the Id within your extension XML.
5. Check modules that have been deleted.
    - If you have overrides for a property of such a module you have to remove it from the override MP to. Search for the Id within your override XML.
    - Mp Diff can not compare 'same' modules when the alert Id have been changed. In this case the old one will be removed and the new one occurs as added. Check your overrides!
6. Check modules that have been added.
    - Does this module what you are expecting?
    - Works this module in your environment?
    - Maybe you need some overrides...
7. Check all timers and schedules
    - Interval
    - IntervalSeconds
    - Frequency
    - ...
8. Try import in lab before!
    - Import may fail if dependencies are not reached.

All information is provided "as is" without any warranty! Try in lab before. Handle with care in production.


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