Tuesday, July 31, 2012

IBM Hardware MP for IBM BladeCenter and System x

IBM has released (very silently) the new Management Pack for SCOM 2012.

Features include:

  • Support Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2012
  • Extensive monitoring of the health of hardware components for IBM System x servers and BladeCenter x86/x64 blades running Windows
  • Rich monitoring of the health of BladeCenter chassis and BladeCenter modules via the SNMP protocol
  • Comprehensive monitoring of the health of software stacks for managing IBM hardware
  • Easy determination
  • Power Monitoring of UEFI/IMM System X Servers and Blades running Windows 2008 & R2. Offers the ability to monitor overall system power usage, and generates alerts when power consumption rises above predefined consumption thresholds
  • BladeCenter and Blade hardware health correlation and event propagation providing BladeCenter specific hardware health condition monitoring under the Windows health explorer view.
  • Remote power on and off of Blades Servers via the Operations Manager console.
  • Hardware Management Software Configuration Advisor for IBM Systems detects the presence of IBM Hardware MP software dependencies in order to make appropriate configuration recommendations.
  • Set custom power consumption thresholds for Power Monitoring alerts via Operations Manager Agent task
  • Enable Power Capping and set the maximum power consumption wattage via Operation Manage Agent task

You can download the Installation Files, Release Notes and Guide from the following URL:


The release notes and the guide as well are well documented. So I recommend to read that stuff first!

All information is provided "as is" without any warranty! Try in lab before. Handle with care in production.

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