Thursday, August 14, 2014

Pending agent error during discovery

Yesterday I’ve seen an interesting issue at a customer: whenever they tried to deploy an agent using the discovery wizard they immediately after kicking off the discovery get an information, that the agent is already under pending management. However, there were no agents under Administration, Pending Management.

Weird, but using the PowerShell Get-SCOMPendingManagement showed exactly the machine supposed to be discovered.

Usually you’d fire a Get-SCOMPendingManagement | Deny-SCOMPendingManagement and discover the machine again to be sure that the discovery and push-deployment was ok. Unfortunately that brought up an error again.

So we had to approve it first using Get-SCOMPendingManagement | Approve-SCOMPendingManagement and delete the agent from Agent Managed before re-discovering it successfully this time.

Again, this is just a workaround. Until now I’ve haven’t seen that issue again to dive deeper into troubleshooting.

Not a big thing but tricky at all.

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